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Are you ready to see (and hear) the world in rose coloured glasses?

Unlocked.Me and Shekinah the kween of SA pop are proud to announce the music event of the year, no month, no century! It’s The Rose Gold Music Festival ya’ll, and Unlocked.Me fam, you are all invited (you will have to buy your tickets though… lol)

If getting to see this sweet songstress wasn’t enough, the rosy line up includes artists such as: Simmy, Sho Madjozi, Busiswa, Rowlene, Dj DooWap, Moonchild, Holly Rey, Dj Zinhle and Melo B Jones

And before you ask…

So like, where is this event happening?

o   King Park Stadium (DBN)

So like, when is it happening?

o   12 October 2019 (DBN)

So like what do I wear?

o   Think Coachella, but anything goes

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